Appearance (or why are Dutch people so tall?)

The first thing that strikes you about their appearance is their height. And, indeed, studies show that Dutch people are the tallest in the world. Did anyone have any doubt about this?! I think not…

But the main question remains: what are the secret ingredients Dutch people eat that make them so tall?

average male height

I let the Dutch answer to this, they know better! 😉

Rizal: “This is simply natural selection, because they live below sea level. Anyone who is not tall enough cannot take a breath….”

Dominique: “A mix between beer, Dutch pancakes, potatoes, stroopwafels, oliebollen and haring…. That’s about it… ;-)”

Henriette: And milk.”

Elleke: “It’s all the rain that makes us grow 😉 whahahaa”

Ninouschka: “MILK 3x a day since they were kids! 🙂

Frances: My sons are 1/2 Dutch and 1/2 American (German, Czech, Irish); one is 6’3″ and the other 6′ …… and the Dutch bloodline rocks!!!!”

Ed: Fresh herring with some onion!”

Dinie: “Healthy life style!”

Diane: “Healthy Dutch food, walking and biking from a young age.”

Maria: “Beschuit met hagels! 🙂

Isabel: I think I need to move to another country so that I don’t have to stand on my toes to kiss a guy! LOL (I’m 154cm)”

Jerry: “It’s true, the Dutch are European giants!”

Calvin:”I have seen a Dutch that is maybe around… 1,90 m. He was so big that he looked awkward when sitting with us because the chair was too short for his legs (in New Zealand)”

Cyra: “@Calvin: 190 cm is not very tall for a Dutch guy 🙂. That’s a really common length.”

Cyra: “I am Dutch and 180 cm (5’11). I can tell you it’s certainly not the meat or the milk, because i have been vegan almost all my life J. My 3 sisters who do eat meat and milk are 18 cm (7 inches) shorter than me. So it’s definitely not that. It’s probably the drugs *-P. No, just kidding! J It’s just because we are so awesome and like super duper cool and ahead of the rest of the world and all tolerant and shit *-P.”

Jack: “Dutch parents aren’t afraid to give their kids a real good kick in the ass to keep them on the right path… ;-)”

Seron: Cheese”

Annette: “There are actually quite a lot of Dutch men of 1.90 m or taller ;-).”

Rita: I‘d also like to know when I was still in the growth ;-)”

August: “Probably bread with cheese and Hollandse Nieuwe!”

Josh: “We are above all!”

Jack: “Dutch people are famous for being tall!!”

How tall are the Dutch people YOU know? 🙂

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  • John Schaap

    Reply Reply 29/08/2015

    My son is 50% Canadian / Dutch ,at 34, has reached 204 centimeters . I think is was the healthy diet of lot of meat, lol.

  • Kimmy

    Reply Reply 24/09/2016

    Its not dna, adopted an Asian girl and she is so tall now.
    I think its because to much grow hormones are used in farming and they get in the foodchain.

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