Washandjes (or the piece of towel Dutchies use at shower)

What are Dutchies using to wash themselves at shower? Is it a piece of towel?!

While sponges feel gross and like you never took the dirt off of your skin, the Dutch are using something small, made of a towel, which is called washandje. It’s actually more of a “mitten”. It’s like a facecloth but sewn into a pouch so you can put your hand in it.

Washandjes (or the piece of towel Dutchies use at shower)

In the USA there are washcloths but these are not like the washandjes, you can’t stick your hand in them and they are quite annoying.

The reasons why cloggies love so much their washandjes are residing in their obvious advantages:

– much more hygienic: when they get dirty, hop in the washing machine! By opposite, for instance loofas have to be tossed every 3 weeks

-they clean better than just putting soap on your body with the hands

-they don’t fall

-they are great for washing babies and children

-much easier to use and feel better on the skin, especially if you are allergic to “sponges”

– can be easily taken on vacation because not everywhere in the world they have washcloths!

-and my favourite: so difficult with a sponge between the buttocks!! LOL

Now Dutchies who are living abroad get their pile of washandjes every time they pay a visit to Holland or a relative come to visit them. That’s one of the many things they always buy and cannot live without. Or they make them themselves by sewing two pieces of towels together. In 10 minutes they can have a washcloth that fits also with the other towels! Nice when a towel and cloth set matches, right?! 🙂

Want to annoy a Dutch? Hide her washandjes! They grew up with washandjes so they would not know how to wash with anything else.

Carla: I’ve lived almost 43 years in Florida, but still use washcloths. Some have seen better days, but that’s okay.”

What is interesting is the history of the washandje. Originally was meant to be used in front of the sink in the kitchen, following a certain protocol. Wet the washandje, pre-wash the face, armpits and other parts of the body that become sweaty. Thoroughly rinse washandje, soap face and body with washandje. Rinse washandje again and now wipe off the soap from face and body again with the washandje. The result? Almost no water used and a clean body!

Golden tip/takeaway: Do you want to make a Dutchie happy with a small budget? Offer her a set of washandjes as a Christmas present! 😉 For a Dutchie, there’s nothing better for cleaning than a washandje and they are always welcomed! Why would anyone want to use anything else??

Rena: “Still use them! My sister brings me a few each year!”

Toos: “I still use een washandje and I came to Canada in 1967… .”

Now my question to you is: “What are YOU using at shower?” 😉

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  • A washandje!

  • greet Hostetlet

    Reply Reply 18/09/2016

    where can we buy ” washandjes” in de States or order them??

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