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The Club for all people, either with Dutch heritage or somehow Dutch-connected, in loved with the Netherlands!

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  • DUTCH RELATED DISCUSSION NOTES. It’s always nice to discover what other like-minded people are talking about those Dutch things you can enjoy right now (if you live in the Netherlands) or about dear memories of your home country or of the Dutch things that you deeply miss (if you now live abroad). Periodically we will send you short & sweet reports to keep you updated.
  • DUTCH CUSTOMIZED OFFERS. It's always nice to save money on the stuff you buy anyway. We have unique products, that remind you about Holland and deals that you won't find anywhere else. And that’s because we love you!
  • GROUP CHATS/MEET-UPS. We'll also keep you informed about "Things Dutch people do" Fan Club Meet-ups and Online Chats that are coming up. These are a great place to hang out, show your Dutch origin or affinity, talk about those Dutch things that make you happy.... and make some cool friends, all over the world.

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