Did you know that there is a Facebook Group specially dedicated to Dutch-Indo people? It is called “Old Dutch-Indonesian Community” and at this moment it has more than 5200 members (and growing). The founder, Mr. Jack Profijt, is taking us behind the scene, to find out about why he created it and which are its particularities.

The Facebook Group "Old Dutch-Indonesian Community"

The Facebook Group “Old Dutch-Indonesian Community”

  1. Who are you, when did you start your group, and why did you create it?

"My name is Jack Profijt and I live in Canada, where I immigrated with my parents when I was a baby. I grew up here together with my two sisters.

I started this group in 2007. My mother passed away some years ago and her death left me with disconnect and missing pieces from my history. In Canada isn’t too much written in English about the Indos; so I tried to find a way to get the information that I wanted and in a language that I could understand.

First I searched the internet to see if there were any other groups out there that were already doing the same thing. In this way I stumbled upon a small group on My Space. However, that group was not very active, so I continued my search.

Since I began to get frustrated with the lack of information, I decided to take the ‘Build it and they will come” approach. I created the group hoping that the information I was looking for will come to me. Because there were no other groups on Facebook specific to our ethnic community, it only took a short time before people started to join the group. And, the rest is history.

The most important reason for which I created this group was my deep desire to create a lasting legacy, in memory of my mother. A place where the Dutch-Indos could meet and where the things she taught me could continue to live on."

  1. Who can join your group, are there any special requirements?

"There are no special requirements to join this group other than to show respect when you are there and to respect the opinions other members have. Everyone is welcome!"

  1. What do you feel makes your group/community special? (In other words: why they should choose join your group and not other similar groups?)

"My group is special because we are not limited to a certain language, country or demographic; what makes our group unique is the very special nature of the people within the group. We have a common history that literally spans the globe, while other groups can be defined and confined by geographic locations."

  1. If you could magically give your entire community members one thing in this world, what would it be, and why?

"Many of the members of this group are experiencing a sense of loss; for some of them it’s regarding their home; others lost friends and family and others are simply waiting for our stories to be told.

If I could, I would take away the pain and heartache that plague some of the members. If I could, I would give them peace."

  1. If you could ask your community only three things and get them answered from all of the members, what would those questions be?

"I would ask them the following: “What do they want from this group, where do they think it could go in the future?”, “What should this group be used for?” and “How could it be made better?”."

6. Feel free to give a shout-out to some of your power-users or most active members (the ones who are really helping you in achieving the objective of this group). Does anyone come to mind, and what do you like most about them?

"I want to emphasize the contribution of two members:

1). My sister, Kaidja Profijt-Fazio. She has always been supportive and she is also an admin of the group. What I like the most about her is that she supports this group and she helps me to mitigate some of the most heated discussions.

2). Ben Von Stockhausen. He is an Indo who lives in California. What I mostly like about him is the fact that he keeps the conversations interesting; he is also stirring them up by speaking his mind. He is open and opinionated."

7. What are some of the hot topics that seem to always be discussed within the group?

"One of the most discussed topics is related to our identity: who we are and where do we fit."

  1. For someone new to this community, how do they get the most out of it?

"I would say to the new members: “Make yourself known and participate in the discussions. Be open-minded about the responses you receive, as they will be direct and to the point. Ask your questions and don’t be afraid.”"

  1. What would be that one thing to happen (in regard to the group) that will make you really really happy??

"One of the things that would make me the most happy is that this group grows in size, becoming a force that can lead to a positive change in a difficult world. I wish one day we will be able to help and support each other in hard times."

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