Today we have the pleasure to interview Mr. Frans Jansen, co-founder of the Facebook Group “DUTCH PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD”:

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1. Who are you, when did you start your group, and why did you create it?

"I am Frans Jansen and this is my beautiful wife Anne-Marie Jansen; born in Eindhoven, respectively Amsterdam.

Frans and Anne-Marie Jansen

Mr. Frans Jansen and his beautiful wife, Mrs. Anne-Marie Jansen, the founders of the Facebook Group "DUTCH PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD"

Our group has been created on 16th of June 2014, having almost 3000 members as we speak.

Our background has always been International and that provided the idea to start this Facebook page. It seemed fun to entice people who like us, moved to another place on the globe and to discover how they experienced relocation. And, perhaps learning all of us something from our shared experiences."

  1. Who can join your group, are there any special requirements?

"Anyone can join the group; there are no special requirements, except to have a positive approach."

  1. What do you feel makes your group/community special? (In other words: Why they should choose join your group and not other similar groups?)

"The group is special because we have a diversity of Dutch people from different backgrounds and counties within Holland. There is no age limit (the members can be from 1941 till 2004). We offer interaction, but not on topics regarding politics or religion. 

Our group aims at bringing interesting visuals and documentaries and hopefully gets some in return and our group stands out because the members who contribute make the difference.

I hope people find this site having some good old fashioned coziness that Dutch people are good at, much like yours.

Our recent activities are:

1) The Christmas cards “instigation”, which I must say has a great participation factor.

2) TOP 100 TOEN, where the members can forward their choice of music that has meaning to them and it gets played on the Dutch music channel It is first broadcasted between 07:00 – 9:00 (Dutch time), and then the rebroadcast takes place between 20:00-22:00 (Dutch time).

3) We have a Birthday Calendar where birthdays of the members get displayed, with a Like button and a spot to bring greetings.

4) The village we live in: La Romana (Spain), gives us so much joy that we document it with pleasure and hope it brings joy to all.

Other important mentions I want to make:

My right hand in this is Ed Bodden, who is making the translation into English. His personality and creativity are of such high standard that I can say for sure that he is the creative mind on this Facebook site. He lived for quite some time in La Romana, he knows a lot about the culture and he is a positive force.

Ed Bodden

Ed Bodden, the right hand of Mr. Frans Jansen in managing the Facebook Group "DUTCH PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD"

The topics are coming from the members (without talking about politics or religion) and every suggestion gets a reaction, which is not commercial.

In this way the members are getting the feeling of belonging to a diverse Dutch community, which brings joy into their lives.

It makes us happy to see that, despite of being away from Holland and having so many miles between us, we collectively have all these things in common and that the members are positively engaged where they reside.

We hope that this has been a good portrait of our intentions, and we are looking forward to welcome more members in our Facebook group."

Many regards,

Anne-Marie, Ed & Frans.

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  • cees van eijk

    Reply Reply 18/11/2014

    top top top
    en jullie verdienen dit ook
    gazo door svp

  • Margriet Alberts

    Reply Reply 07/05/2015

    Leuk artikel Frans, je verdient de aandacht.

  • Heel leuk stukje en fijn dat je deze aandacht krijgt!

  • Lizzy Nejkov

    Reply Reply 18/09/2015

    Wat een leuk initiatief, Hollanders zitten overal, ik woon in een heel klein dorpje, Picton,Australia en zelfs daar kom ik op de facebook paginaas Hollanders tegen, wel de oma en opa’s , maar toch!
    Succes met jullie pagina

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