Hagelslag (or the Dutch chocolate sandwiches)

Call them as you want: chocolate sprinkles, jimmies or hagelslag, the Dutch word. It doesn’t matter.

While others are eating them only occasionally, on desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, ice cream or puddings or some beverages as coffee or cappuccino, in the Netherlands they enjoy them multiple times a day, as… sandwiches!

Hagelslag or the Dutch chocolate sprinkles

The cloggies are eating them on soft white bread, toast or rusk for breakfast, lunch, dinner (if they don’t feel like cooking), in between, before going to bed at night, on Sunday mornings or as just as a treat.


For a real Dutchie, anytime is the perfect time to eat the yummy hagelslag! I’m telling you: they love it; they are simply crazy about it, at any age!

Now if you wonder why on Earth would they do such thing as eating the cake decorations on bread and you consider this something weird, stop immediately. I’ve been witness to this….

They will tell you: I remember having always this as a kid! I grew up with “brood met hagelslag” (bread with hagelslag) so I do like that!”

Here’s a short movie with a cute little Dutchie that, in fact, proves exactly that! 🙂


And believe me; it’s worth giving a try. They are really so delicious! Now be careful though because they can make such a mess; they can fly everywhere if you don’t master the right technique!!

The secret is to put a thick layer of margarine or real unsalted butter on the bread and then to press plenty of hagelslag onto it with a knife so it all sticks together nicely! Don’t tell me later that I did not tell you! Otherwise you might have a difficult time to remove them from your cleavage! 😉

Helena: These are so yummy on fresh bread… OMG!!!”

Ellen: “As a child, this was my favorite food. I would start with a slice of perfectly fresh bread (don’t toast it!), put a thick layer of real butter on it, and then pour the dark (puur) hagelslag on top. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, any time I wanted something delicious!”

What about you? Did you try this delicious Dutch snack yet? 😉

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