Using home tanning beds

Dutch tanning culture

“Wow, you look great! Did you call your mom to tell her how tan you are?” 🙂

You can’t walk on the streets of The Netherlands, neither in the summer nor in the winter, without noticing a lot of tanned skin people.

And I’m not talking here about big cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam, where the probability of seeing Indonesians, Surinamese, and other people originating in the former Dutch colonies or tourists coming from warm places is high. I’m talking about the rest of the country where the typical Dutch, with blonde hair and blue eyes is the majority.

If we don’t take into consideration some Asiatic nations, who like to be white, we can say that the whole globe loves to have a tan skin. And Dutch people (men and women) are no different, they want this thing too and, they also find very normal everyone else wants it.

For instance, if you come back from a tropical destination without looking really dark brown, be prepared with a good answer for your colleagues, friends and relatives who will ask you: “How come are you so white, I thought you went in a sunny country for holiday?!”

Quite a similar funny thing happened also to me when I came back in Holland after a long holiday in Asia. Obviously being more tanned than when I left, I was asked by a Dutch relative: “Wow, you look great! Did you call your mom to tell her how tan you are?” 🙂

But for a country with only few really hot sunny days per year, to see so many people with tanned skin is quite intriguing. How come they have this popular bronze look; from where did they get it? Do they need only so little time to get and keep this color or do they stay on the North Sea beaches for days? Or maybe they often go to exotic vacations? Or they use tan sprays or go to the tanning salons?

Home tanning beds used in Holland

“If anyone will ask if I am tanning, I will denied it”. “I will tell everyone that I’d been sitting out on the patio.”

Well, for most of them the answer to all of these is no. The mystery reveals itself when you find out (or see with your own eyes) that in a Dutch house, beside the typical furniture, it’s normal to be also a tanning bed. Yes, you read well: Dutch people have tanning beds for their private use, in their own homes!

If you are like me, you will inevitably have the following common sense questions:

Why would someone buy such a thing for home instead of just going to a tanning salon every time they need? After all, how often do they plan to use it and much time they intend to spend over there? And, why on Earth, in front of their holiday to a sunny country?

Plus, isn’t more expensive in this way? I thought Dutchies love all things cheap, they supposed to be mean with the money! How much is the investment in the home tanning bed and how much is the electricity bill comparing with how much they would spend going few times at the tanning salon or at the beach?

Talking about electricity bill, take a look at this funny Dutch commercial video:

As a conclusion regarding this confusing practice (for non-Dutch people): It seems that when it comes to home tanning beds, the Dutch vanity is above their well-known stinginess!

Now my questions to you are: Did you noticed these over tanned people in the Netherlands? and Have you ever seen a tanning bed in a Dutch house?

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  • Brian

    Reply Reply 04/09/2014

    In America and other parts of the world the tanning beds are mostly used by 16 to 29 years old girls. In the Netherlands I’ve seen that this trend is more for women 35-55 yr.

  • Amanda

    Reply Reply 04/09/2014

    And they deny! Could it be about tricking other people they’ve been in a exotic place for holiday?

  • JOYCE walker

    Reply Reply 22/01/2015

    I saw a lady from Holland who was at least ,75 yrs and her skin looked like rubber ..she thought she was nice and tan ..hahaaa…don’t they know about skin cancer and early aging ????

  • John Schaap

    Reply Reply 29/08/2015

    I moved to Canada 45 years ago, long before the tanning beds became the go to for a tan. We did have relatives visit from Holland with unnatural tans, but never thought much of it due to us getting all the sun we wanted right here. A healthy tan without the exposure to all those tubes used in those tanning beds.

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