Appearance (or why are Dutch people so tall?)

The first thing that strikes you about their appearance is their height. And, indeed, studies show that Dutch people are the tallest in the world. Did anyone have any doubt about this?! I think not… But the main question remains: what are the secret ingredients Dutch people eat that make them so tall? I let…

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Hagelslag (or the Dutch chocolate sandwiches)

Call them as you want: chocolate sprinkles, jimmies or hagelslag, the Dutch word. It doesn’t matter. While others are eating them only occasionally, on desserts such as cakes, cupcakes, ice cream or puddings or some beverages as coffee or cappuccino, in the Netherlands they enjoy them multiple times a day, as… sandwiches! The cloggies are…

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Washandjes (or the piece of towel Dutchies use at shower)

What are Dutchies using to wash themselves at shower? Is it a piece of towel?! While sponges feel gross and like you never took the dirt off of your skin, the Dutch are using something small, made of a towel, which is called washandje. It’s actually more of a “mitten”. It’s like a facecloth but…

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Cutest Father’s Day crafted presents made in the Netherlands

As well as worldwide, Father’s Day in the Netherlands is a holiday when fathers and fatherhood are honored. It is celebrated today, on the third Sunday of June, the same date as in United Kingdom, United States and Canada. In this special day fathers are often spoiled with breakfast in bed and are given presents…

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Eating Dutch herring (“Hollandse Nieuwe” Haring)

Eating Dutch herring, the Dutch way

The Dutch herring was a huge surprise for me when I arrived in the Netherlands. My entire life I was eating marinated herring in the form of roll mops, taking it for granted that this was the only way. So you can imagine when I ate the headless raw herring for the first time, it was…

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